4Mil - 20'x100' Clear Poly Sheeting/roll - Item #PC0090

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4 Mil 20'x100' Clear Plastic Polyethylene Sheeting / Containment & Construction Film. Great for covering equipment and machinery to protect from moisture, dirt, and dust.

Polyethylene Sheeting / Containment & Construction Film. Durable, 2MIL, Clear, 12'x200' roll. Ships 25 rolls/ pallet. Very durable, vapor barrier, ideal for containment. Meets ASTM designation: D4397-91 and all associated specifications. ** Additional Info / Questions / Help CALL 1.800.872.3684, Fax 610-436-4983, Email [email protected]

Excellent For:

  • A vapor barrier to contain hazardous dust, asbestos, lead paint and in mold remediation work
  • Temporary walls
  • Weather-proofing
  • Covering fresh concrete and under mulch in landscaping

Also, more economical than drop cloths for painting. Made from strong, clear low density polyethylene plastic. Use inside or outside to cover, protect, separate or moisture-proof.

Clear or translucent polyethylene sheets are strong transmitters of sunlight, and trap heat. One advantage of clear poly sheeting over black poly is the translucence and visibility through the plastic sheeting.

Clear PolySuggested Uses:

  • .31 and 1.5 mil - dust and paint overspray covers.
  • 2 mil - furniture covers, dust cover, short term floor cover.
  • 3 mil - economical vapor barrier, temporary wall.
  • 4 mil - moisture and vapor barrier, mulching, weather protection, concrete curing.
  • 6 mil - heavy duty mulch underlayment, concrete slab vapor barrier.
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