HazMat SonicBonded Pads, Medium Weight - 100 ct. - Item #SR1011-H

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When hazardous liquids spill, use HazMat Sorbents for quick, efficient response. These polypropylene MeltBlown Mat Pads soak up acids, bases and unknown fluids fast.

HazMat SonicBonded Pads

The Power of HazMat - 100% polypropylene Mat quickly absorbs nearly any type of caustic, hazardous or unknown liquid — including acids, bases, solvents and chemicals. Color-coded Safety Yellow for fast identification; know exactly what you're reaching for in an emergency spill situation.

Fast-Acting for Quick Response - A layer of MeltBlown polypropylene creates high surface area that enables SonicBonded Mat to quickly soak up liquids on contact before they can spread.


High Absorbency - A random assembly of large-diameter MeltBlown poly fibers creates a lofty layer that absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.

Ultrasonic Bond Points Keep Mat Intact - Ultrasonic bond points fuse layers of fibers together — Mat keeps its shape even when completely saturated. Top layer of lint-free SpunBond fabric provides extra strength. "Dimples" add fast-wicking power.

Perforations Save Money - SpunBond top layer allows for better-defined perforations and cleaner, easier tear-offs. Pads are perfed vertically at 7.5".














Dimensions - 19" L x 15" W
Sold as - 100 pads per package
Color - Yellow
Composition - Polypropylene
Absorbency - Up to 24.7 gal. per package
Absorbency per - Up to 31.62 oz. per pad
Basis Weight - MediumWeight
Incinerable - Yes
Spilltech Manufacturer Part # - YPB100M
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