Novatek's 5 in Compressed Air Shrouded Right Angle Grinders

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5 inch Shrouded Right Angle Air Grinder
The 5" & 7" Shrouded Right Angle Grinders 
are ready to tackle your toughest grinding surface preparation needs. Whether you're grinding 
coatings for spot cleaning or feathering for 
re-coating, our grinders can handle the challenge 
with dust free ease. 

Novatek's Shrouded Right Angle Grinders utilize a 
3M™ brand Coating Removal Discs or CRD®. 
The advantage of this non-woven, open wed disc is 
that it will remove residual coatings or impacted corrosion into the substrate after coatings removal 
with the Shrouded Needle Scalers or PPT, but will 
not destroy the surface profile produced by these 
tools. In accordance with SSPC surface specifications, 
it may be necessary to utilize more than one type of cleaning device to achieve SP-11 power tool 
cleaning to bare metal.

Heavy Duty Motor

  • The 1.2HP Pneumatic and 120volt, 8.0Amp Electric Motors maintain speed under load to maximize coating removal.

Power Source

  • Single power source for PPT and Grinders standardizes all replacement bearings, vanes etc.

Note: PPT’s rotational speed is 2300-3000 RPM Grinders rotational speed is 5500 RPM

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Floating Shrouds

  • A flexible shroud with a 360º radial vacuum take-off ensures even air flow and maximum capture of dust & debris. The floating shrouds can even utilize a full range of abrasives to tackle your toughest grinding needs.
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