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Omniguard 4 Digital Pressure Recorder - 220V

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The Omniguard 4 is the clear choice for monitoring and documenting vacuum and pressure in a containment area. Ideal for Asbestos, Lead and Mold abatement and Clean Room monitoring. 220V

The Omniguard 4 is the clear choice for monitoring and documenting Vacuum and Pressure in a containment area. Ideal for Asbestos, Lead and Mold abatement and Clean Room monitoring. The Omniguard 4 utilizes state of the art pressure measurement technology to accurately monitor pressure inside a containment area. We've taken everything we've learned from over 15 years of making pressure monitors and put it into the Omniguard 4. The same great ease of use, accuracy, versatility and reliability you've come to expect from a product bearing the Omniguard name, with the new features you've asked for.

We started with a self contained design so there are no AC adapters to lose or hoses to keep track of. Everything fits inside the new improved case just like before, only now you can protect your investment from damage by operating the Omniguard with the lid closed. The easy to use graphical interface is still there but you'll have a bigger screen with a white backlight for better viewing.

You can download and view logs using your computer's USB port and our free software, and with the Omniguard 4 you can also monitor the current status and change the setup directly on your PC.

We've added a second USB port that lets you download job logs directly to a USB flash drive at the job site. You can view and store the logs later on your PC. No more carrying your laptop around to collect logs or bringing you Omniguard into the office to hook up to the computer. The new USB port also gives you the ability to connect your Omniguard 4 to an external cellular wireless modem. This lets you automatically send alarm warnings and daily job summaries to wireless phones and email accounts. In addition the Omniguard will respond to requests for information from wireless phones and via email, giving you instant access to the current status as well as job summaries.

If you need to retrieve your Omniguard's job logs remotely you can connect an external telephone modem instead. You'll be able to download the complete log from anywhere using your computer and a phone line. With features designed to display information clearly and quickly, you'll be confident that you have the best instrument for the job.


  • Notify offsite personnel of alarm conditions via text message on their cell phone or by email using optional cellular wireless modem, also sends job summaries
  • USB Type-A port lets you save logs directly to a flash drive
  • 512k log space, four times more than previous versions
  • Blue LCD with brighter backlight is even easier to read
  • Bigger window in lid allows viewing pressure reading from further away
  • Optional Omniguard USB Port Adapter with relay outputs can trigger remote alarm and autodialer at the same time


  • Real time monitoring of differential pressure and/or vacuum level
  • Dual inlet ports allow monitoring between two areas
  • Programmable high and low alarm setpoints
  • Extremely simple to set up and use
  • Pressure displayed in Inches WC, Millimeters WC or Pascals
  • 30+ day internal memory stores pressure readings and alarm occurrences with a time/date stamp
  • Large graphic display with white backlight shows current pressure, monitoring status and alarm settings at a glance
  • Menu driven interface for easy setup
  • Instant on screen help
  • Multiple reports available at the touch of a key
  • 95 decibel audible alarm notifies workers and bystanders when containment is lost
  • Second USB port supports PC communication for transferring job logs, real time monitoring and configuration editing
  • Thermal printer, no ink ribbons
  • Printing in any position with paper contained in a protected compartment
  • Print/log interval adjustable to conserve paper and memory
  • Variable response rate to avoid nuisance alarms in windy environments
  • Passcode protection prevents tampering
  • Automatic printout and logging of all settings changes
  • Configuration report prints current settings and monitoring status for easy review
  • View log on screen, scroll through entire memory contents
  • Rugged self-contained unit includes power cord, owner's manual, 10' of hose and spare paper roll stored in the case


  • Differential Pressure Range: +/-0.250” WC (+/- 6.35mmWC, +/-62.5 Pascals)
  • Accuracy: +/- .003” WC or +/-1% of reading whichever is greater
  • Resolution: 0.001” WC, (+/-0.05mm WC, +/-0.5 Pascals)
  • Burst Pressure: 3 psi (20 kPa) on either inlet port
  • Pressure Units Displayed: “WC (Inches Water Column), mmWC (millimeters Water Column), or Pa (Pascals)
  • Data Storage: 128,000 characters, 30+ days of readings (over 4,000 logged events) in non-volatile memory (no battery req’d)
  • Display: Graphic Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with adjustable backlight and over 3.5 sq. inch viewing area
  • Internal Clock: the internal clock is powered by a self-charging lithium-ion battery that provides 30+ days of clock operation when AC or DC power is not present.
  • Printer: 20 character wide thermal printer (uses 2.25” wide thermal printer paper)
  • Printing/Logging Rates:
    Normal Operation — highest and lowest pressure readings printed/logged at intervals of 5, 15, 30 minutes or OFF
    Alarm Condition — current pressure reading printed/logged at intervals of 15, 30, 60 or 120 seconds for first 10 minutes of alarm condition,
    slowing to 15 minute intervals thereafter.
  • Alarms: Two programmable alarm setpoints, 95db audible alarm with flashing LED and on-screen warning indicate alarm condition.
  • Pressure Inlets: Two 3/16” OD barbed hose connectors, 10 ft of hose provided.
  • Serial Port: DB-9 Male, RS232
  • USB Port: USB V1.0 Type-B
  • Aux Alarm Port: 1/8” stereo phono jack, relay contact outputs: NC, NO and Common rated 1A @ 30Vdc or 0.5A @ 115VAC
  • Power: 220v
  • Case: Dimensions 9.25” x 7.5” x 4.5”, Shipping Weight 6 lbs., Material is copolymer polypropylene with polycarbonate window in the lid, handle and stainless steel hanging hook.
  • Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty
More Information
Brand Engineering Solutions Inc
Air Filtration Tool Type Digital Pressure Recorder
Differential Pressure Range +/-0.250” WC (+/- 6.35mmWC, +/-62.5 Pascals)
Accuracy +/- .003” WC
Burst Pressure 3 psi
Alarms Two programmable alarm setpoints
USB Port USB V1.0 Type-B
Voltage 220V
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Basic Care

The Omniguard 4 is built and engineered to provide you with dependable performance for years to come. Following these basic guidelines will insure that you get maximum use from your unit. Once the unit is set up, field operation is easy. Complete reports are virtually automatic, providing the most accurate records of your jobsite conditions available.

  • This unit is designed to measure differential pressure only from +0.250” to -0.250” WC (optional pressure ranges are available).
    Caution: Never apply pressure to the inlet port by mouth or with any other strong pressure device. High pressure will permanently damage the sensor.
  • Use only Omniguard thermal printer paper (other thermal paper will not work).
  • Always store the unit away from sources of excessive temperature, dust and moisture.
  • Never attempt to repair or modify any of the internal components of the unit.
  • Protect the unit from strong shocks or vibrations. Be sure the lid is securely closed whenever transporting or hanging the unit.
  • Be sure to plug your Omniguard 4 into a power supply that complies with the National Electrical Code. Keep all connections dry. As with any electrical device, this unit has the potential to cause an electrical shock hazard.

Quick Setup and Usage

  1. Insert one end of pressure tubing inside the containment area. Connect the other end of tubing to INLET 1.
  2. Locate a safe place for the Omniguard 4 outside the containment area. Plug the power cord into a power outlet.
  3. Press the POWER ON/OFF key to turn the unit on. Set the correct Time & Date if prompted. (This happens if the internal battery has died and the built-in clock lost its settings. Don’t worry, the battery is rechargeable and lasts an average of 30 days.)
  4. If you want a printed copy of the previous job log, press the PRINT JOB key.
  5. Press START JOB to begin a new job. Enter a name for the new job and then press SAVE. The previous job will end and its Job Summary Report will print.
  6. Check Alarm 1 & 2 setpoints (displayed in the monitor screen window), adjust if needed.

The status bar will indicate WAITING FOR PRESSURE and the STATUS LED will flash green until containment pressure reaches the operating window. Once reached, the status bar will display NORMAL and the STATUS LED will change to steady green indicating that the unit is now in its normal operational mode. Printing and logging of pressure readings begin once the normal operational mode is achieved.

During normal operation, the highest and lowest pressure readings will be printed and logged into memory with a time/date stamp every 15 minutes (the default Print/Log rate). If the monitored pressure then goes outside the operating window, the unit will go into alarm mode. The buzzer will sound, the status bar will change to a flashing >>ALARM<< and the STATUS LED will flash red. The print and log rate of the pressure readings will increase to every 15 seconds (the default Print/Log Alarm rate).

To turn the alarm off press the ALARM SILENCE key.


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