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Husqvarna 600 CFM Air Scrubber with HEPA Filter (formerly Pullman A600)

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A600 is one of the most advanced portable air cleaners available on the market. Tested and certified for use as both an air cleaner and a negative air machine.

A600 is one of the most advanced portable air cleaners available on the market. It is tested and certified for use as both an air cleaners and a negative air machine. Thanks to a reliable filter system and a design that is perfectly matched to operation with HEPA class H13 filters, that are tested and certified at an efficiency rate of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, the air cleaner puts out superior air quality – be it when dealing with concrete dust, fine sanding dust or gypsum dust. It has two warning lights to indicate when the filters are clogged or leaking. A 600 is a quiet-operating air scrubber with a sturdy, compact cabinet. Airflow can be set at two different speeds. The airflow is directed upwards to avoid disturbing dust on surfaces using the flexible ducting and layflat tubing.


  • Durable Design: Lightweight cabinet with sturdy aluminum frame and metal locking casters. A metal mesh protects the filter area.
  • Warning Lights and Sound: The Yellow light warns of a clogged filter, the red light warns of filter leaks.
  • High efficiency over time with two-stage air filtration:A large filter area in combination with pre-separation give long operation time with high efficiency. A pre-filter made of pleated polyester catches the larger dust fractions before the air enters the individually tested HEPA H13 filter ensuring 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 microns.
  • Easy to clean HEPA filter: The HEPA filter is protected by a metal mesh which makes it easy to vacuum it without damaging it.
  • Ready for Ducting: Discharge manifold for the circular air exhaust is available as option.
  • Excellent mobility: The low weight, compact design and transport handles allow for smooth transportation .


  • Power Source: Corded
  • Rated Input Power: 0.4 kW
  • Phases: 1 ph
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Rated Current: 3.2A
  • Air Requirement: 1,000 m³/h
  • Primary Filter: Disposable Polyester Media
  • Secondary HEPA Filter: 99.99% efficient @ .3 microns
  • Clogged Filter Indicator: Orange Indicator Light
  • Leakage/Broken HEPA Filter Indicator: Red Indicator Light
  • Size: 440mm x 440 mm x 440mm
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM)=600
More Information
Brand Husqvarna
Dimensions 440mm x 440 mm x 440mm
Air Filtration Tool Type Air Scrubber
Air Requirement 1,000 m³/h
CFM 600
Current 3.2 Amp
Voltage 120V
Filtration Disposable Polyester Media, HEPA
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Write a ReviewHusqvarna 600 CFM Air Scrubber with HEPA Filter (formerly Pullman A600)

The air scrubber, Husqvarna A600 can only be used with dry, non-explosive materials.
Husqvarna not be held responsible if the air scrubber is used for other applications or has been used in ways other than those outlined in the instruction manual. Before using the machine, please read the safety regulations carefully.


• Make sure that you read and understand the instructions for the main product to ensure that you know what personal equipment to wear, what safety equipment to use and how to work in a safe mode.
• Cables damaged through crushing or splitting can be dangerous if used and should be replaced immediately. Risk of personal injury.
• Do not connect the machine to an unearthed socket. Risk of personal injury.
• Make sure the assembly area is firm, so the air scrubber does not tip over. Risk of personal and material injury.
• Risk of pinching when handling the toggle fastener.
• The machine must not be used in environments where explosive gases may be present. Serious risk of explosion.
• The machine should be turned off at the switch before releasing the power lead from the wall outlet. If the switch is in the on position, a spark can occur between the contact on the power lead contact.

Connect the lead to the power outlet, attach the outlet hose if available. Start the machine by pressing the start knob. The air scrubber has two speeds.
The air scrubber separates material in two stages:
The first stage uses a coarse filter. This traps the bigger particles and acts as protection for the main filter. The coarse filter should be changed on a daily basis.
The second absolute filter separates the unhealthy dust that is invisible to the eye.

Coarse filter characteristics
The coarse filter is strong and easy to change. It has low pressure drop and good separation capability.
The coarse filter takes care of big particles and acts as protection for the absolute filter.

Main filter characteristics
The main filter is an absolute filter with class HEPA H13 that is dimensioned for fine, dry dust and should be preceded by a pre-filter.

• The operating life of the absolute filter decreases and can be completely destroyed if exposed to water.
• The absolute filters cannot be cleaned and must be replaced when full.

Filter indicator
A 600 has two filter indicators connected to a warning light which measures the pressure drop over the filter. If the pressure drop is too high, a yellow lamp light up, indicating that the prefilter should be changed. When the Yellow light stays on even after a pre-filter change. It is time to Change the HEPA filter. Using the air scrubber when light is showing will reduce the effectiveness of the machine. When the pressuredrop is too low, a red lamp will light up, indicating that the Hepa filter is leaking/damaged and needs to be replaced immediately.

Please note that the filter indicators only does work at full speed.
Recommended intervals for filter change: Socks filter every 6 months and Hepa filter every 12 month.

The air scrubber is equipped with a single, 1 phase fan.
Risk of dust dispersion - Use of personal safety equipment. Unhealthy dust can be spread when cleaning the coarse filter and during filter change.
Accordingly, the user should wear protective glasses, protective gloves, and a breathing mask conforming to protection class FFP2.

• Remove the plug from the wall socket when carrying out maintenance work. Risk of personal injury.
• Dust that is hazardous to health can be spread when the coarse filter and the absolute filter are replaced. Accordingly, the user should wear protective glasses, protective gloves, and a breathing mask conforming to protection class FFP2.


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