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PowerChem Heavy Duty Cleaner

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PowerChem 222 Heavy Duty Cleaner is a good product to use to prep your floors after mastic removal. Concentrated Economical. Carb/OTC Compliant

PowerChem Heavy Duty Cleaner is a good product to use to prep your floors after mastic removal.

Keep container closed to not contaminate clean product.

  • RESPIRATORY PROTECTION - Use a NOISH/MSHA approved repirator to prevent inhalation of lead residues and product mists during the use of this product.
  • VENTILATION - Do not use in confined spaces without adequate ventilation.
  • PROTECTIVE GLOVES - Rubber or neoprene.
  • EYE PROTECTION - Chemical goggles.
  • EXTINGUISHING MEDIA - Non flammable
  • IN CASE OF SPILL - Dike area and absorb on inert absorbent (sand,clay, vermiculite). Place in a chemical container for disposal.Refer to important information on material safety date sheet.HMIS RATING 1-0-0-AADHERE TO OSHA and EPA regulations when using this product.
More Information
Brand PowerChem
Chemical Type Cleaner
Remover Stain
Dilution Concentrate
Packed As Pail
Container Type 5 gallons
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Mix 25 parts water with 1 part TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner. Wash all surfaces of work area beginning with the highest point and work downward. Fold all towels and rags during removal to not recontaminateany previously cleaned areas. Safe for use on all surfaces compatible with water.

Dispose of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

TSP Heavy Duty Cleaner does not require a respirator for normal usage. However, jobsite demands may require approved respirators to prevent inhalation of lead residues during use of this product for lead residueremoval.

Wash thoroughly after using.


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