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Dri-Eaz Revolution Dehumidifier

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The Dri-Eaz BD2500 Dehumidifier is built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration and construction. Best low-humidity performance in its class.

The Dri-Eaz BD2500 Dehumidifier packs state-of-the-art LGR technology into the most compact design ever achieved for the restorative drying industry.

Rethinking the portable dehumidifier

The BD2500 packs state-of-the-art low grain refrigerant technology into the most compact portable dehumidifier ever. Its LGR technology provides more efficient operation and moisture removal even in low-humidity environments. Stackable and easy to transport, the space-saving design lets users pack more drying power into their trucks, saving extra trips and boosting profitability.

Built for the tough environments found in water damage restoration and construction, the BD2500 features Dri-Eaz’s legendary rugged rotomolded housing and durable made-in-USA construction.

Product Features

  • Removes up to 63 Litres/day
  • Fits where other large dehumidifiers can’t – lofts, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  • The Control panel displays inlet and outlet temp and RH in real-time.
  • Secure, compact stacking – transport multiple units on a hand truck.
  • Fastest access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Fit more drying in the van, make fewer trips – make more profit!
  • Best low-humidity performance in its class.
  • Precision control technology - auto-adjusts to maximise removal rate.


  • Supply Voltage:  230 V
  • Type: Low Grain Refrigerant
  • Water Removal Max (32.2°C/90% RH):  63 L / Day
  • Water Removal Aham (26.7ºC/60%RH) :  36 L / Day
  • Amp Draw:  3.4 A
  • Daily Kgco²E (Aham):  8.4 KgCo²e
  • Power Consumption:  0.78 KW / Hour
  • Operating Temperature Range:  1 – 32 °C
  • Operating Humidity Range:  20 – 100 %
  • Dimensions: H × W × D: 32× 46 × 55 cm
  • Use Weight: 30 KG
  • Airflow Rating:  272 M³ / Hour (Max.)
  • Controls: Electronic Touchpad (4 Languages)
  • Hour Counter:  Yes
  • Kilowatt Hour Counter:  Yes
  • Humidistat:  Yes (30% – 90%)
  • Adjustable Defrost Settings:  Yes
  • Remote Monitoring Capability:  Yes
  • Refrigerant Type:  410A
  • Defrost Type: Fan
  • Condensate Removal:  Automatic Pumpout
  • Drain Hose Length: 12.2 M
  • Power Cord Length:  7.6 M
  • Plug Type:  3 Pin 
  • Air Filter: 3M™ HAF (High Airflow Filters)
  • Housing:  Rotomoulded Polyethylene
  • Wheels: N/A
  • Handle: 2 x Soft grip
  • Cable & Hose Storage:  Yes
  • Stackable: Yes
  • Safety Mark:  CE
  • Product Warranty:  2 Years – Limited
  • Refrigeration System Warranty:  6 Years
More Information
Brand Dri-Eaz
Dimensions 32× 46 × 55 cm
Air Filtration Tool Type Dehumidifier
Water Removal AHAM 36 L / Day
Max. Water Removal 63 L / Day
Current 3.4 Amp
Voltage 230V
Construction Rotomoulded Polyethylene
Cord Length 7.6 Meters
Drain Hose 12.2 Meters
Filtration 3M™ HAF (High Airflow Filters)
Equipment Features Stackable
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Grounding Instructions

This unit’s plug must be inserted into an appropriate outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance with all local codes and ordinances.
WARNING! Improper connection of the equipment grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. Check with a qualified electrician or service person if you are in doubt as to whether the outlets are properly grounded. Do not modify the plugs provided with the appliance – if the plugs do not fit the outlets, have proper outlets installed by a qualified electrician. This equipment is for use on circuits with a nominal rating of no more than 230V.

Handle the unit carefully
Always operate the unit on a stable, level surface. Do not drop, throw, or place where it could fall. Rough treatment can damage the unit, and may create a hazardous condition or void the warranty. This unit intended for household and commercial use.

Set unit upright
NOTICE: Always store, transport, and use the unit in a horizontal position. If the unit is ever placed in a vertical position, return it to the horizontal position
and let it stand for at least 30 minutes before turning it on.

Positioning a Dehumidifier
For best results, operate your dehumidifiers in an enclosed area. Close all doors and windows that open to the outside to maximize water removal efficiency. Place your dehumidifier away from obstructions, and keep it away from anything that could block airflow into and out of the unit.

Set up drain hose
This unit automatically pumps out water on a regular basis. This dehumidifier is equipped with a quick-connect fitting for quick attachment to the provided 12 m drain hose. Unwrap the entire hose and place the open end in a sink, drain, bucket or outdoors – anywhere that water can drain out safely. If you use a bucket or other container for water collection, check it regularly to prevent overflows.
NOTICE: Uncoil and straighten the entire drain hose. Do not leave any part of the hose coiled and do not place the end of the hose higher than 6 m above the bottom of the unit. Also check for kinks or other obstructions that might restrict the flow of water. Obstructions may cause a water backup and result in overflows.

Plug in electrical cord
The unit should be plugged into a 230V/50Hz outlet.

Startup display and normal display modes.

When unit is first plugged in to AC power, the control panel display will briefly cycle through a series of readouts. This is part of the unit’s self-diagnosis procedure and no user intervention is required.

Turn the unit on
The control panel has a display and a touchpad with four keys. Press the ON/OFF to turn the unit on. The unit will now go through a compressor delay countdown (up to sixty seconds in duration) and a self diagnostics process. Once the compressor delay countdown and self-diagnostics are complete, the display will switch to normal display mode.


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